"I was diagnosed by a doctor with conjunctivitis due to red eye with itchy and pain.  He prescribed me with eye drops, oilment and pills for antibiotic. He also mentioned that the illness will last about 1-2 weeks if treated well.  Anyhow, thanks to God as my red eye, itchy and pain totally gone by end of the same day.  The next day it was a normal day for me with zero eye illness anymore.  My secret was to take honey ginger and honey cinnamon tablets in the morning and evening without fail.  I encourage others to experience yourself..." Mahmud.

"Madoo Coffee is delicious." NIK


"Madoo Coffee is nice ... usually when I drink coffee it cause stomach discomfort. However, Madoo Coffee has no such problem and furthermore I like the taste." NAHAR


"Honey Habatussauda (Black Seed) Coffee gives a different kind of taste compared to most other coffee in the market as the taste is not too sweet despite of the honey taste as well as the habatussauda. When I drink this Madoo Coffee it relieves my cough and the sputum decreased notably in my throat. God willing, I am confident that this Madoo Coffee can reduce cough significantly if taken regularly. "Azmi


"My son often had fever with prolonged duration. We had tried various medicines from hospitals and clinics but unfortunately not very effective. However, after he had eaten Honey Cinnamon tablet every morning and evening, thanks God we discovered that he was no longer had any fever since then and seems to be more energetic. Thanks God. "PROF. UiTM


"After I consume Madoo tablet, I had no more migraine.  Usually, I will suffer serious migraine couple times in a week but now no more. It also helps to revitalise my energy.  After taken one or two tablets in very early morning, I feel energized till dawn.  Thanks God." NUR TANIA


"I have tried many different types of drugs including those prescribed from clinics and specialists to treat my skin with acne but all without success. My acne just gone for a short period of time but returned a few days later. I was very disappointed but after I tried Madoo products namely Honey Ginger and Cinnamon Tablets, I am very satisfied because my face is almost clean from acne and more beautiful than before.   I would strongly recommend to everyone to try these Madoo products and enjoy their wealthy of nutritional value. "AFIQ